Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed, 200ml

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Merlion Naturals' Our extra virgin coconut oil is hand-crafted from fresh coconut milk extracted using a traditional cold-pressing technique that retains all the natural goodness and nutritional value of coconuts.

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil ( Cocos Nucifera )

Ingredients Source: Plant Based

Key Benefits: 

  • Rich in Vitamin E, Fatty acids and Other Minerals
  • Promotes Healthy and Soft Skin.
  • Supports Silkier & Stronger hair
  • Suits All Hair Types

Direction For Use:

For Hair : Apply Coconut Oil to Hair and Massage it in circular motion with your finger tips and leave it for some time before Shampoo.

After Bath : Pat dry your body with towel & Apply the Oil on body for Moisturizing and Glowing Effect.

For Makeup Removal: Massage the Oil into your skin in a Circular Motion all over your Face with Cotton Ball and Wipe it Off.

Note: Virgin Coconut Oil will solidify below 24 °C. Flaking and Clouding below this temperature is natural and does not affect the quality. To liquefy, Place the container in warm water.

Safety Warning:
Contains Tree Nut ( Coconut ). Keep out of reach of Children.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Other Names of Coconut: Cocos nucifera, Narikela, Narikela, Khopra, Narkel, Coconut Palm, Naliar, Nariyel, Shriphal, Koprun, Nariyal, Gola, Khobbari, Tengnamara, Temgu, Thengu, Thenginamara, Nalikeram, Ten, Thengu, Keram, Naral, Narela, Garigola, Tenkai, Kopparai, Narikelamu, Tenkay, Kobbari, Narjil, Narial.


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